Rise in global competitiveness have caused industries to look for outside expertise. We provide our prominent outsourcing services to drive growth & make your business proliferate.

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With a rise in global competitiveness, industries are looking to delegate some of their tasks and operations to the experts out there. Since the dawn of the digital era, outsourcing has always been in fad and currently it is being used to transform businesses. Here at Nexenture, we offer an assortment of outsourcing services that fit your diverse clientele and unique business model.

Some of our outsourcing services include call centre to virtual assistance, finance & accounting, surveying, etc.

Strategy, a skilled team and outstanding financial & technological resources are some of the things that we believe in when it comes to our outsourcing services. Our approach is collaborative as we try to provide an end-to-end solution to your business issues.

In today’s internet-savvy generation, we try to deliver an inexpensive and highly efficient Outsourcing solutions that is adept with your current business model.
Our scope of outsourcing solutions has a sustainable model with these services:

Lead Generation

We help you attract and convert clients into potential leads. Streamlining your marketing strategy and sales, while assisting you with building brand interest and initiating communication with prospective clients. Our main goal with lead generation is to boost your organization’s profits.

Sales & Support

With an expert team of sales specialists, we are proficient in understanding your business goals and services. And create a business module accordingly that are at par with your business needs and target audience. Lead generation is one of our specialties and providing sales support is also one of our fortes to successfully market your campaigns.

Email & Chat Support

Your satisfaction is our rating, while loyalty is our brand. Keeping this in mind, we strive to make the entire customer experience a little better. We understand how effective and reliable email services are for a business. We offer our expertise as we try to improve your sales and instantly answer customer queries with our chat support services.

Appointment Setting

We offer a result-oriented, well-defined appointment setting process that ensures you to only meet your potential and targeted audience. Our main purpose is to boost your business’ conversion rate while making it easier for you to reach and connect with prospective clients. Our appointment process is streamlined that aids you in developing an efficient channel for high-quality lead generation and sales.

Finance & Accounting

We believe in taking a holistic approach when it comes to our finance and accounting services. Starting from organizing, streamlining and integrating finance & accounting data that enables for a smooth functioning of your entire business model. We offer an end-to-end service that cater to your specific industry and are customized to fit your client’s requirements.

Medical Billing & Transcription

We offer quality medical billing & transcription services that ensures you get a customized system that takes into account your hospital or individual physician information requirements. Our trained transcriptionists will strive to deliver dedicated work making things simpler for you.

Market Research

We are known for our excellence in customer service and marketing research techniques. Our trained, tech-driven, market researchers are skilled and adept at handling any kind of client request. We incorporate the latest consumer technologies in our methods to reach potential clients in a much more effective and reliable way.


Market research and surveys goes hand-in-hand. Keeping that in mind, we base our surveys on market research among other things. Our survey designers take utmost care when it comes to the content and structure of the survey. Other than generation of survey reports, which help you to analyse trends and responses accurately, we also conduct survey analysis.

Customized RPO

As the name suggests, the services are tailor-made to fit your needs accordingly. Our Customized RPO services aids in optimizing your recruitment investment. Other than this, we also provide our assistance with project-based work, which includes recruiting to screening, sourcing and interview, etc.

End-to-End RPO

We take a proactive approach when it comes to understanding your business model and accordingly coming up with a tailor-made solution for it. Our End-to-End RPO services are highly adaptable and is capable of working as an organic extension to your current HR department.

Co-Sourcing RPO

With a skilled team of individuals, we are here to offer our assistance in the recruiting process as you outsource a major portion of recruitment process to us. Our Co-Sourcing RPO process will help you from the start to end of the recruitment process which includes planning, profiling, job advertising, shortlisting, interviewing, etc.

RPO Industry Expertise

• Healthcare

• Finance & Banking

• Information Technology (IT)

• Web Design & Development

• Digital Marketing

• Creative Designing

& Others

Virtual Assistant

In these contemporary digital times, outsourcing has become a need for businesses to grow as it takes a little load off the work and is also cost-effective. And what better way to go about doing it than using modern technology like virtual assistant. With our virtual assistant service, we strive to getting your work done efficiently in a given time frame. We believe in maximizing profit by using all the given resources in an optimal manner.

Inbound Customer Support

You know, what is equally important other than having an exceptional product? It is having a prompt and efficient inbound customer care system. Are you struggling to keep-up with your in-house customer care system? Fret not! This is our forte as we hold expertise in inbound customer support. Our telecommunication facilities are latest and our agents are adept at what they do and deliver prompt inbound customer support that are customized to fit a specific client.

Inbound & Outbound Customer Sales

Consumers these days are tech-savvy and they rarely come to us seeking answers, instead they are in search of guidance when it comes to resolving an issue. With our excellent team of skilled agents, who are accustomed to dealing with the modern-day buyers, we offer our inbound sales services to nurture leads and let your business grow. But when it comes to outbound customer sales, we believe in taking a proactive approach. Our agents contact the consumers on a follow-up of a service or to notify them of some new product and such.