"Building websites isn't rocket science, but creating websites that SELLS is a whole new ball game! "

Website/Mobile Website

You know what’s gonna promote you and your brand 24/7? It’s your website! Getting that right is of utmost importance. We will work closely with you to warrant that your website is efficient as well as appealing when it comes to branding, site architecture, style, content and design, along with digital marketing as well.

Custom Application Development

In this contemporary digital era, when the challenges of cost optimisation and aligning IT with business outcomes has become insurmountable, custom application development has come forth to become an appealing solution. With a deep industry knowledge and technical expertise, we build custom applications to assist companies proliferate & improve through automation. We work with PHP / .NET / C# / Java / Node.js

Database Management System

In this data driven world, a company’s critical task is to store, process and manage the said data. And doing this in a quick and effective manner requires an expert team of custom and database engineers, who are adept at the upcoming database management services, technologies, etc. Some of the common DBMS that we work on are MySQL / MariaDB / MongoDB / MS-SQL / PostgreSQL / Oracle / Sybase.

Customer Relationship Management

What is the purpose of your business? You’re already done with the first step, which is creating the business. Now, comes the hard part, keeping a customer. Now how to maintain a systematic customer service? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is your solution! You can streamline processes, stay connected with the customers and thus improve profitability. Some of the solutions we work on:
vTiger | SugarCRM | MS Dynamics | Salesforce

Content Management System

In this digital age, it is gradually becoming difficult to upload and manage content manually. But using a Content Management System (CMS) will suit your business solutions and offer a flexible model as it brings the right information to the right audience. Listed below are some of the CMS we work with:
WordPress | Joomla | Drupal | Ms Share Point | Sitecore | Kentico


The platform of e-commerce has evolved over time and has now become one of the most largest and coveted industries that’s out there. We believe in implementing an online business strategy to reach an extensive mix of consumers to build your business. Leave it on the experts for the marketing & technological bits. Mentioned below are some of the platforms that we work with:
Magento 1& 2 | Prestashop | nopCommerce | Volusion | Shopify

Application Maintenance

For smooth functionality of an application, it is important to hire a professional application maintenance service. We strive to provide a proficient application maintenance service that will keep track of the recent trends and releases, while ensuring that your software remains ahead in the business.

Application Migration

In layman’s terms, we provide a fast and inexpensive way to migrate your old software to the modern digital technological platforms. In this ever changing technological market, we offer an automated, scalable and extendable system. Our expert team of personnel will work closely with you and understand your needs and accordingly implement the correct migration approach.

Outsourced Product Development

With an in-depth market knowledge, we aim to deliver innovative digital strategies that will streamline your project processes. In this dynamic digital landscape, it is necessary to constantly improve your services & products to maintain a consistent rise in the software industry. We will aid you in achieving that by enhancing your product functionality.

API Development

Are you looking to expand your online presence through a variety of platforms? Then implementing an API system is the way to go! In this era of technological advances, it is critical that applications interact. The purpose of an Application Programme Interface (API) is to act as a software to software interface. At Nexenture, our skilled team of developers will develop a fully-customised, stable, API model that will suit your niche industry.

Customer Relationship Management System

To put it simply, the philosophy behind Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to prioritise the customer. With Customer Relationship Management System, it provides a holistic view of each department of the company. Managing departments like sales, marketing and customer support became a whole lot easier with this software. We will assist you in implementing it in a successful way. Some of the systems that we deal in are Human Resource Management System (HRMS), Business Process Management (BPM), CRM and other customer & partner portal.